May 31st will find the birthplace of the Eastville Festival. In the idyllic, but especially highly accessible Twiske we immerse you in a wealth of delicious snacks, refined cocktails and pioneering beats. Who, where and at what time will surprise you with these beats is known now! Click here for the link to the timetable to see what time your favorite DJ appears on stage so you will not miss him. With a lineup of more than 50 artists there is still plenty to discover your next favorite at 5 different stages. Go wild on the Deep House/House internship, sexy dancing on the stage Kizomba enjoy many live performances on the stage of Eclectic, let us blow you away by the drums in the Afro House internship and we nailed our fashion sense to the fashion label placement of 94. Tickets are selling quick. Be on time and grab your tickets now, to join us to enjoy this cozy little sister of Latin Village. Click here for tickets to the Eastville festival.